If you run a service business, our exclusive local lead generation (or online lead generation—OLG) might be the ticket for you.  We run a pay-per-lead program that nobody else has the guts to do.


Whistler SEO offers a performance based marketing program that stipulates you only pay for the leads that we send you.  No hidden costs or fees.  Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll pre-negotiate a cost per lead for both web and phone leads.
  • Whistler SEO will run advertising campaigns on your behalf.  We even foot the bill for your ad costs!  There’s no out of pocket expense to you.
  • We’ll send exclusive web and phone leads who live within your service area directly to you.
  • You follow up with your new leads.  You or your staff will book appointments and service visits.
  • Close the sale!  Wow them with your great service and turn them into a lifetime client/customer/patient.
  • At the end of the month, Whistler SEO will send you an invoice for all the leads we sent you for the past month.

No obligation.  Short, three-month commitment minimums.  You only pay for leads you get.  No wasted ad spend.  Can it get any better?

Local lead generation is perfect for:

Auto repair Mortgage brokers Contractors
Lawyers / attorneys Florists Plumbers
Estate planning Caterers Carpet Cleaners
Insurance agents Chiropractors Pool & Spa
Accountants Dentists Roofers
Financial planners Personal Trainers Landscapers
Consultants Physio Locksmiths
Interior design Nannies Veterinarians
Real estate agents / Realtors Timeshares Glass repair

…and anyone else that provides a service within a certain geographic area.


Your pay-per-lead cost will be determined by how many competitors you have, your industry, the geographic size of the area you serve, and several other factors.  In most cases, leads range from $12-90/lead.

Please contact us today for a free price quote for your leads.