Everyone wants to rank in the first position (or even the first page) on Google.  If you didn’t understand why, you probably wouldn’t be here.  Over 70% of clicks go to the top three spots on a search engines results page.  If you’re not there, all those clicks are going to your competitors.

Search engine optimization (SEO) won’t happen overnight, though.  It takes strategy, persistence, and patience.  Luckily, our SEO programs are typically a minimum of 12 months, so we’ve got you covered when it comes to persistence.


We start with a keyword analysis—always.  A proper keyword analysis helps us determine which keywords are most relevant for your products or services.  We also ensure that the keywords have high enough search volume to drive a sizable number of interested visitors to your website.

Once we have your targeted keywords, we can begin our on-page optimization.  We’ll ensure proper keyword placement throughout your website’s copy, title and metatags.  We’ll check your pages, line by line, to ensure you have nice, neat, search engine-friendly code.

We’ll then complete all the off-page optimization including link building, creating your robots.txt, .htaccess, and XML sitemap files, and we’ll optimize your website’s load speed.  We’ll ensure you have proper listings in local and industry-specific directories.  By the time we’re done, your website will be a lean, mean, ranking machine.


Our SEO program pricing will be largely determined by the type of website you have and the size of the website.  For our 12-month programs, we’ll offer you a flat, reliable monthly fee that will help you manage your cash flow.

Please contact us for a free quote on optimizing your website.