Social media optimization, or ‘SMO’, means we’ll take all the guesswork and hassle out of managing your social media profiles on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, or  LinkedIn.  Don’t have time to blog?  No problem, we’ve got that covered.  Don’t have the patience to make new friends and fans?  We’ll take care of it.  Don’t know why social media is important, or how to track the ROI?  We’ll show you.

Whether your target demographic spends their time on Facebook, reading blogs or forums, or tweeting…that’s where your company should have visibility.  We’ll help you get there.


First we’ll take a look at your target market and figure out the best way to connect with them.  We’ll setup profiles on any and all relevant social media websites.  We’ll begin networking and expanding your sphere of influence by creating and sharing great content.  Content in the form of videos, photos, posts, links, or anything else that your audience is interested in.  As we begin to increase the size of your network, we’ll begin issuing calls to action to your followers.  Informing them of promotions, new products or services, and cross-pollination between other social media profiles.

If you have a blog, we’ll work with you to brainstorm and create highly sought, search engine friendly, and sharable content.  Don’t have time for blogging?  We’ll create the content and post it for you once approved.

We’ll track the relevant metrics of your social media interactions and performance allowing you to devote your budget to the programs that are providing a positive ROI (return on investment).


Whistler SEO charges for two things: the one-time initial setup and optimization of social media profiles, and the on-going monthly management of said profiles.  Social media management is much more affordable than you might think.

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