Social Media: A ‘Must-Have’ to Rank Well

Before we look into the future, we need to see where we’ve been.  In last several years, search engines like Google decided that a good way to measure public acceptance and subject matter authority is to measure the number of incoming links to a website or web page.  That all makes sense, right?  If people link to the, it must be because they probably know what they’re talking about.

Enter social media.  Social media is shifting how the Internet works altogether.  The Internet used to be a bunch of computers connected via phone wire, but now we’re seeing that the Internet is becoming a bunch of people connected via wire/cable/fiber optic/radio waves.  So how will we measure authority and public acceptance in the future?  Simple.  Likes, follows, friends, comments, votes, and reviews.

All of the product reviews, Twitter fans, blog comments, and Facebook likes will/are turning into social currency.  The company, product, or web page with the most fans and likes will be pushed to the top of the search engine results page, much how they are today with incoming links.

Smart companies are getting into social media now.  History has shown that the Internet rewards early adopters.  Make sure you’re company is ahead of your competitors when it comes to getting those all-powerful likes, comments, fans, friends, and reviews.

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