Web Marketing in a Resort Town

If you’re in charge of marketing for a business here in Whislter, or even any other resort town, you’ve got it made.

First, people are always looking for you.  Whether it’s for a vacation, a conference, or real estate investment opportunities, you’re on the demand end of the equation.  Skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, and recreating are always in demand.

Second, there are thousands of people out there that are creating content for you.  That’s right.  There’s less of  a need to hire photographers, videographers, or copywriters.  All of our guests are doing that for us.  We just need to leverage their experiences.  See someone that just posted a video of their latest bungee jump with Whistler Bungee on YouTube?  Or took a photo of themselves in the Whistler Bike Park riding their new full-suspension ride and posted it on Twitter?  Just ask if you can use or license that from them, then re-purpose all the great pictures, videos and blog posts they’re creating and broadcast it to your own social networks.  Reformulate it to include your targeted keywords for SEO purposes on your website.

4 How-To’s

  1. Use Google Alerts to be notified whenever Google finds content that contains keywords you’re looking for.  For instance, if you operate a bar in Whistler, have Google send you a notice every time someone posts something on the Internet with the words ‘whistler bar’.  If it happens to be a photo or a review of your bar, re-purpose that content for your own benefit (after receiving permission, of course).
  2. Use search.twitter.com to find relevant content and brand/business mentions.  Type in your restaurant’s name and see if anyone posted a review or write-up about their latest meal with you.  If so, why not send that out to everyone on your Facebook page?
  3. Speaking of Facebook, you should be using your Facebook page to collect all sorts of great content.  Invite your fans to post videos, images, and reviews for your business there.  If you don’t find something worth sharing, something is definitely wrong.
  4. Love thy local.  Once the shoulder season kicks in, make sure they’re at the receiving end of all your best deals.  It’s the locals that can make or break your business.  Run a promotion or contest to collect their email addresses, then drop them a line when you’re ready to make them an offer they can’t refuse.  Wow them with your service or product and incentivize them to come back with a friend or guest during the high-season.

Whistler SEO provides all sorts of services to simplify your web marketing in Whistler or whichever resort town you live.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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